Mother's Day Botanical Mini Session

Nicole & Adequin: Mother's Day

Location: Buffalo Botanical Gardens


”My mother is my root, my foundation. She planted the seed that I base my life on, and that is the belief that the ability to achieve starts in your mind.” – Michael Jordan

Nicole and her son, Adequin have a very special bond. I am so happy they came out to Botanical Gardens to model for me. I had  photographed Adequin in the fall and realized then, that their bond is beautiful. I asked them to model for my Botanical Gardens Mother's Day Sessions because I knew I could capture images that would illustrate how incredible their bond is, promoting this special event.

Why Maternity?


"Before you were born I carried you under my heart. From the moment you arrived in this world until the moment I leave it, I will always carry you in my heart." - Mandy Harrison

We had the opportunity to photograph Angela's maternity session in the studio a couple weeks ago. She is a Buffalo Model that wanted photos to announce her pregnancy to the world. We spend a lot of time making sure she had the best photos to show her friends and family. We want to share a few of our favorite photos from the shoot.





Why should you book a maternity session?


  1. Every pregnancy is different. It is a milestone in your life. It is very important to document this precious time in your life. It does not matter is it's your first child or your fifth, take the opportunity to capture that beautiful pregnancy glow.
  2. Use this day to spoil yourself! It is important to feel your best. Get your hair and makeup done, go buy that gown you've been looking at for months now... You will have these photos forever so make them perfect!
  3. This is a great opportunity to share precious moments with your child, as they grow older. This is the chance to create once in a lifetime memories. When the child is older, they will be amazed to see the lovely photos of their mom, while they were growing inside of you.
  4. A maternity session is a great way to bond with your partner, as it allows you to stop and appreciate them. Getting dad involved can help him bond with the baby and create extra special memories. If you have children already, bring them along. This allows the siblings to bond and appreciate this exciting time.
  5. The possibilities are endless! This is your chance to get creative. Here at Wilmack Photography, we will go above and beyond to create beautiful images to share with your friends and family. Whether you are looking for a stylized shoot or a simple studio session, we are excited to be apart of this experience.


What to Wear - Easter Mini Session

Easter Mini Sessions are upon us and you may be wondering what to dress your children in. Well, we can offer you some tips so that your photos turn out fantastic. There will be samples in this post you can reference and a list of what to and not to wear.

Easter is the time to break out those cute pastel colors you've been dying to put on your kids, all winter long. If you have not gone shopping yet, you better go soon before all the good outfits are gone! Macy's, Burlington, Kohl's, and more have super cute outfits for your little boy or girl.

Dresses & Suits of course, are PERFECT! The backdrop that we decided on for our Easter mini sessions this year has a vintage look to it. There are many dresses and suits out there that can work well with this backdrop. I encourage you to avoid the "everyday" look and to go for a dressed up, pampered look.

What to Wear

- Light / Pastel Outfit
- Bows & Other Cute Hair Accessories
- Dress Shoes

What NOT to Wear

- Bright Saturated Colored Outfit
- Sneakers or Winter Boots
- Random Printed Shirts (No Barbie, Bratz, Minecraft  etc.)
- "Shiny" Clothes (Nothing that will reflect light too much)
- Baseball caps/Beanies



This dress is was found on Amazon and its adorable, simple, and perfect for Easter. You do not HAVE to go with the typical pink for girls and blue for boys. Change it up and go for a unique look.

This is adorable! The colors are fantastic! You can find this one at Macy's.

Boys can have simple button ups and dress pants. This is found at Carters.

You can also go the cute vintage route with this! This is on Amazon.

Professional portrait hurting your business?

4 Reasons to invest in your professional profile.

Sooner or later most people realize that your professional profile picture is the modern age one chance to make a first impression.  With the average LinkedIn profile being viewed  more than twice a day, and this number includes all of the people who don't even know they're on LinkedIn, you can bet that anyone remotely serious about networking or sales has their profile viewed multitudes more than twice a day.





Are you a hobbyist or a professional?  Don't let your Professional Image answer this question for you. 


Personal Brand Building

Faced with two options, hoping to win the lottery or creating the right conditions for career changing opportunity which is more likely to lead to early retirement?  Professional Portraits are the single best return on investment you can make toward building your personal brand.  Build a quality professional profile.  Networking with peers. Presenting your ideas and industry expertise.  These are personal brand building value adds that open doors to new opportunities, clients and sales.


Traditional Media

This is about being prepared.  Obviously your Professional Portrait is a promotional tool and should be included in your marketing materials.  But what happens if your business activity gets picked up by a national publication, or you're offered an opportunity to speak last minute?  When all the hard work you've put into creating or selling a brand lands, don't get caught scrambling to create a professional image.



A great Professional Portrait Photographer will make you look amazing.  The confidence boost goes beyond the feeling of a new haircut or suit.  The sense of putting one's best foot forward, making a great first impression, image is everything, becomes a stepping stone to better networking, landing more sales and more clearly communicating your vision.


See our sessions at:



Are you interested in starting your own photography business?  Check out this quick post at


Buffalo Senior Photos

For more direct delivery. Auto upload


This spring passport days are coming back!

Details: This offer is only valid one day per week between 10am - 5pm.  The prints are 2"x2" standard U.S. Passport size, and we guarantee to meet the exact specifications required for approval.  Customers will receive 6 - 2"x2" copies of their photo plus a digital version emailed at no extra charge.

What's the catch?  No catch, no bait and switch, no upselling.  It's a win-win, you get super fast, convenient and cheap passport photos, we get to meet new people.

Currently signups are not required.  However, it is super helpful if we know you're coming ahead of time.

Please Sign Up

Can't make it Thursday 10am - 5pm?  Need an International Size?  We've got you covered.

Appointments are available Monday - Friday 9am - 7pm.  Use the sign-up link above and we'll confirm within 24hrs.

US Passport - 2" x 2"  -  $20

Canadian Passport 50mm x 70mm  -  $25

International Visa and Passports 35mm x 45mm  -  $25

Family Photo Season is Now!

Right now is the BEST time of year for family portraits.  The timing is perfect for holiday gift giving and the light is spectacular!  Don't miss out on early booking specials.


WNY_fall Portraits

Session Pricing

The best time of year for outdoor photography in WNY is fall.  The light is sweet and shadows grow long.  Even the time of day we catch good light is perfect, after work but not so late that it kills bedtime schedules.


All "In-Studio" Family Portrait sessions include both indoor and outdoor pictures at no extra charge.


"On-Location" Family Sessions are priced the sames as "In-Studio, but do not include any traditional studio photography.  For location shoots, your imagination is the only limitation.  I've photographed families everywhere from in the woods at family cabins to beaches, downtown Buffalo, the waterfront, parks, ski areas... If you can dream it, I will make it look good!




Taking an Image from Good to Extraordinary

Or, why you book your session with me...

Abby is graduating this June, 2017.  She came to Wilmack Photo through a referral not really knowing what to expect.  The only instructions she really received before the shoot were don't overdo your make up and pack a suitcase (remember it was a referral right?)

Anyway, we were able to find looks that totally match her personal style and body type, and I think the results speak for themselves, you can see in the selection of photos below  However, first I want to point out a shot that perfectly shows the transition from "senior picture" to "Amazing Portraiture" Or, why you hire me...

Here is an abridged contact sheet for this one look:


From here I selected 3 shoots that "worked" for the client to see.  In the interest of space I'm only going to show the clients pick:


And this is the original, straight out of the camera shot.  At this stage it is obvious the look works for Abbey.  The lighting is right for her skin tone,the hands are elegant, the little kiss of edge light shows of her hair style.  But, the shot obviously lacks the punch to which makes my style of photography special:OutofCamera

So from 26 Images, I mix down to three and start styling the look.  After the client picks their favorite is when the real magic happens.  So, this image is totally retouched, color corrected and ready for print.  Notice the skin looks healthy and not plastic.  All the blemishes are gone, but the skin still has a natural texture. A few distracting hairs get cleaned up, but there are no hard lines or tells of retouch work.  So, that's the big secret to portrait finishing, retouched images that don't look retouched:


Quick answers to the questions I know are coming.

  • Only pictures that are ordered by the client receive this level of processing
  • Retouching, toning and editing is included at no extra cost
  • I agree, this "look" is not a style that fits everyone's taste.
  • From a 200-300 image shoot clients might only see 30-40 excellent images.  From here we may only pick a handful of favorites to go to print..  It's just part of the process.

Thank you so much Abbey for coming into my studio.  Your session was a ton of fun and I am so greatful you allowed me to share some of your images.

Jonathan Kaye  •  Photographer  •


As promised, more pictures!!!

[foogallery id="553"]


Senior Session FAQ

For many this is the first time going through the "Senior Picture" process.  Here I will shed some light on our process.

A primer: When I bought the studio in 2009 Senior Photography was a revenue stream to be stamped out and leveraged for maximum return, a factory if you will.  Times and taste have changed, and so the quality of our expirince reflects these changes.  Now our bottom line focuses on quality of work first.  So many details go into creating the amazing, I've found its better to just be flexible.  So, don't be afraid to ask, there are no crazy ideas or suggestions or concepts.

Step 1: Pick up the phone - Usually the dialogue about senior sessions start with a phone call.  Our number is 716.406.2790

Typical questions are:

How does this work?
Often we direct people to the website to view my work and read a little about the different sessions offered.  Basically I like to see that potential clients like my work.  Are we a good fit?

When can I have pictures taken?
It's complicated

Sessions range from 45 minutes to about 2 hours.  Travel and getting organized after the shoot tend to add a little time.  If we are outside, which nearly all of our sessions are, we try to schedule sessions to take advantage of the best light.  Early July this means appointments starting as late as 7pm.  However, mid-September (which is really late for senior pictures) 4pm is the very latest we will schedule.

Mornings I avoid entirely for two reasons. One, being ready to shoot sweet morning light means getting started around 5am in the summer, tough ask of a teenager trying to look their best. Two, good morning light is fleeting where as afternoon continuously improves.  Once we loose sweet light in the morning its gone, however, in the afternoon we can see it come and it tends to keep improving until dark.

Due to events and wedding often times my weekend schedule is full.  Most senior sessions take place Monday - Thursday 3pm - 7pm (depending on seasonal light)  Additionally, we tend to reserve the best lighting times for longer shoots and travel sessions.

How do we book a session?

Most appointments are made over the phone as there is usually a little back and forth pinning down the perfect day/time for everyone

At the time of booking we build a customer profile and take payment of the session fee in full by credit card.  Immediately after booking you will receive a confirmation email with shoot information, tips and tricks.

What if it rains/schedule change? 

Rain stinks!  If its 100% going to be pouring rain we simply re-schedule.  However, we've had sessions right at the edge of rain storms that have produced incredible images.  The earth is saturated, colors pop and light bends in ways not usually captured.  Really it comes down to our clients preference.  Sometimes 30 minutes from the start of a session we call it, other times we forge ahead.

Re-scheduling - If you need reschedule please give at least three days notice.  Inside of three days we have to charge a $25 re-scheduling fee.  No call/no show = loss of entire session fee.

What is included with the session fee?

Session fee includes full use of our facility, props, backgrounds, lights, equipment, changing room, client lounge, water, soda, snacks and my creative time.

Also, the yearbook image - color corrected, retouched and delivered to your school.

Full image mix down, proofing and presentation (more on this later)

How much do prints cost?

If you haven't noticed yet, you will with a little research, most photographers don't publish prices.  It's not that they're out to take advantage of anyone, it's just insecurity about the realistic cost of a photography investment.  We are very much in the middle of the pack for true cost of total investment.  A'la carte items start at $40, packages start at $250 and senior clients spend $700 on average including session fee.  "Pricing" post is coming soon, but in the mean time please feel free  to ask.

Step 2: Prepare for your appointment - Using the email we send, prepare for your session.  I'll keep it brief here, but basically preparation is being aware of haircuts, make-up and styling that work best and selecting appropriate clothing.  I say it often, and we do see it; pack a suitcase!  Seriously, many of the best shots we capture are outfit combinations styled on the day we shoot.

Step 3: The Proof appointment - It takes a few days at least to mix down the images from the shoot into a concise form.  I don't shoot with intention of you seeing everything, and it would drive you crazy if you did.  Shorter sessions we usually shoot around 200 images and some travel sessions are upwards of 500.  From this I like to show 35 - 60 of the best... even this amount is enough to drive people crazy.

Step 4: Selecting Images - We handle all image viewing and selection digitally.  Its fun, its easy, and frankly the images looking better.  The process is pretty straight forward, but it does require time in the studio.  Often family members contribute to selecting images

Step 5: Order processing - Once the images and sizes are selected we process the order.  Depending on the time of year delivery is anywhere from 1-3 weeks.  50% of the entire order cost is required to move the images into production.  An additional benefit to making an order deposit is the spreading out of total payment over a period of time.

Step 6: Yearbook Image -  Pictures destined for the school yearbooks move through their own pipeline.  Most of our clients go to schools that we've been delivering images to for decades.  Williamsville North, South and East plus Clarence schools I personally deliver your image on the due date.  We've been doing this for years and I have never missed a yearbook submission.  Private schools and those outside of our immediate geography have a few options.  Typically I will email the image either directly to the school our your personal account for delivery.

Step 7: You're in love with our work and proceed to tell all of your friends, family and neighbors about Wilmack Photography.  

4 rules for great business headshots

  1. Wear comfortable clothes. Fit and finish
  2. Schedule your appointment with a little breathing room
  3. Hair, makeup and styling should be natural. Haircuts 1-week out, guys shave earlier in the day
  4. Relax. The camera does all the hard work.