Wedding Photography Made Easy – $2,400

Whats up bride to be!?!?

Have things gotten complicated yet?  Don’t stress, your cousins new girlfriend from Colorado, the couple who will spend no more than $34 on your gift don’t care where they sit.

Speaking of no stress, hello.  You’ve found a wedding vendor who only promises two things, a fun day and great pictures.  No upselling, no convoluted packages and no ridiculous “packages”.

Total cost $2,400 plus tax.

Before we get into the details, let’s start  simple:

1.  Do you like the photos I take?   Look over there →  or perhaps down there ↓  These are real photos from real weddings that I shot.  If you like them, awesome, let’s proceed…

2.  Please call, sooner than later.  We need to learn about each other, your wedding plans, taste, favorite Starbucks order.  It’s a simple first step in building our relationship, and it helps to know if our dates match up…

3.  In which case, it’s time to meet at my studio.  Here you will see that I am a real person, with a great photography business producing amazing work for over 10 years (the studio originally opened in the 1950’s, but that’s another story)

4.  We take payment in 1/3’s.  The first $870 locks in your date, the second payment is due by the day of the wedding and the final payment upon delivery of your images.


The Details

  • Two Photographers provide all day coverage.  What does all day mean?  All day, means all day!  We won’t take shots of you climbing out of bed, but our arrival will definitely signal the beginning of your day.  As for the end of the day, so long as there is action to shoot, we’ll be there.
  • All high resolution finished jpg images loaded onto fancy little flash drive (it’s true, our drives are kind of fancy).
  • You have permission to share, print