Weddings are expensive.

So why skimp on your photography?

Whenever I meet new people at a party or function, and they learn that I’m a photographer by both passion and trade, the conversation almost always leads to a horror story of a friends wedding photography gone bad. In truth, early in my career I had bad experiences on both sides of the story. It is so sad, and disappointing, the frequency in which I encounter theses tales of dismay. The industry right now is flooded with people doing wedding photography on the cheap.

Our solution to making sure our clients have an incredible experience is to cut out all of “upsell” photography jargon and offer exactly one wedding package. Sure, there a few modifications you’ll want to make, but at its core we offer one experience, the best possible.

Q. So how does that work?

A. Everything is included.  Period, end of story.  I know that you want engagement photos, wedding announcements, two photographers for coverage of both the bride and groom, someone to stay until the fireworks at the end of the night, teaser images on Facebook the very next day, all of the images electronically* within two weeks**, a website for out of town guest to view pictures, prints for your home, my parents home, his parents, an album…

Q. What??? I don’t get it, do I have to buy the album?

A. One of two things inevitably happens.  Photographers either sell a discounted rate, then nickel and dime people to death on the upgrades, or the bride ends up regretting not buying it in the first place.  20 years from now, no one ever says  “boy I wish we didn’t buy prints and an album of our wedding”.   Our wedding package is inclusive so you can stop splitting hairs over a couple prints and focus on things like a vegetarian option that doesn’t suck.

Q. This, um, sounds expensive?

A. Yes, it’s super, break the bank, my fiancé is going to kill me, my Dad won’t even come to the meeting, expensive… But, actually not really

$3500 Includes – 2 Photographers and 1 assistant all day