4 Reasons to invest in your professional profile.

Sooner or later most people realize that your professional profile picture is the modern age one chance to make a first impression.  With the average LinkedIn profile being viewed  more than twice a day, and this number includes all of the people who don’t even know they’re on LinkedIn, you can bet that anyone remotely serious about networking or sales has their profile viewed multitudes more than twice a day.





Are you a hobbyist or a professional?  Don’t let your Professional Image answer this question for you. 


Personal Brand Building

Faced with two options, hoping to win the lottery or creating the right conditions for career changing opportunity which is more likely to lead to early retirement?  Professional Portraits are the single best return on investment you can make toward building your personal brand.  Build a quality professional profile.  Networking with peers. Presenting your ideas and industry expertise.  These are personal brand building value adds that open doors to new opportunities, clients and sales.


Traditional Media

This is about being prepared.  Obviously your Professional Portrait is a promotional tool and should be included in your marketing materials.  But what happens if your business activity gets picked up by a national publication, or you’re offered an opportunity to speak last minute?  When all the hard work you’ve put into creating or selling a brand lands, don’t get caught scrambling to create a professional image.



A great Professional Portrait Photographer will make you look amazing.  The confidence boost goes beyond the feeling of a new haircut or suit.  The sense of putting one’s best foot forward, making a great first impression, image is everything, becomes a stepping stone to better networking, landing more sales and more clearly communicating your vision.


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