Whether it’s your first time or a long overdue update, getting a business portrait doesn’t need to be a complicated and expensive affair.  We realize that 95% of our business clients simply need an image for business cards, their website and and Linkedin profile.

Apples to apples, our Business Portrait service is among the best value in Buffalo.  Don’t let other photographers dupe you into low priced sessions, then charge crazy prices to actually use the image.  Or worse yet, pay a fortune for an image you don’t even like.

Experience our 100% money back satisfaction guarantee! 

If you’re not totally in love with your Business Portrait I will refund your fee*, no questions asked.  The point of coming to a professional is that not only should your picture look perfect, it should be a look that you’re proud to show.

*The fine print:  While it’s true, if for any reason at all we miss the mark with your image I’ll give a 100% refund.  The expectation is however that said image will not be used to publicly.