Q. How much?
A. Well, that depends.  If you’re an individual coming to the studio looking for a straightforward, fine quality portrait, the rate is $125, which includes everything.  However, the vast majority of Business Portraits we produce working with small businesses and organizations require more than one person to be photographed.  Please check out our Subscription Service option.

Q. What do I get?
A. The picture!  I’m not trying to be funny, do your homework.
1.  Business Headshot sessions include a 10-15 min shoot with variations in pose, lighting and even backgrounds.  (Although often times we are working with a Marketing Director to help define the “look”)
2.  Immediately after the shoot all of the images are uploaded for viewing and image selection.
3.  The selected image is then color corrected, cropped, adjusted and retouched.  Additional Images can be purchased at a nominal rate
4.  The file is renamed to be SEO* friendly and electronically delivered by your prefered medium (usually email)
5.  Usage rights and watermarks?  Listen, the reason you’re investing in a Business Portrait is to promote your name, your face, your brand… NOT mine!  Our images are NOT watermarked and the only usage limitation we apply is that you cannot re-sell the image.  It’s simple; make a billboard, make a business card, upload your picture to Linkedin or Facebook, it’s all good.  However, if you’re going to make posters and sell them at a convention, please come to talk to me first.

Q. When can I make an appointment?
A. Wilmack Photo has a 100% appointment driven schedule.  So, we’re available when you are.  Typically we prefer Monday – Thursday 9am-4pm, but we’ve done Business Portraits anywhere from 8am – 9pm.  Friday afternoons, Saturday and Sundays can be a little tricky as we try to give priority to Family Portraits, Weddings and Events.

Q. How long does delivery take?
A. Typically individuals can expect to receive their image in 2-3 hrs.  If you come in at 8pm, its probably going to be the next day.  Likewise, if we just shot your entire firm of 36 employees, its probably going to take a few days.

Q. I hate having my picture taken!  What if I don’t like it?
A. First of all, get over it!  Our goal is to make you look good, like really good, thats why you come here.  The point of this entire process is to improve your brand image, get and keep more customers, make more money and open doors to further professional development/business growth.  If you’re not totally satisfied with your image, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.  Simple as that, love it or leave it.

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