High School Senior Photography

Clarence  •  Williamsville  •  Amherst  • Snyder • Buffalo  •   Lockport  •  West Seneca • Akron • Hamburg • Orchard Park

Clean, fun photography with a commercial edge.  Experience the power of our photography.  When a viewer connects with an image on a level that surpasses emotion, that is the goal.  The times when you can’t quite explain why you love a picture so much, this is the magic we create with every senior session.

The details matter.  Wardrobe selection, colors, textures, backgrounds, locations… All of the little things add to the tapestry of a shoot. Zipping through three outfit changes in order to get to the “peering through a beaded chandelier shot” before time runs out is not our idea of a good time.  Be wary of 6 consultations, strict wardrobe selections and enough bizarre packages to make your head spin.  Fall in love with the light, texture and color of an image.  Seek out fun in your photographer.

Pack a suitcase with 10 outfits, bring your pointe shoes, load all of your goalie gear into the car.  It’s all about having fun.  When I  see Mom carrying a stack of clothes on hangers, rolling bag in tow, I know the next two hours are going to be a hit.