The other day I had the opportunity to photograph two beautiful siblings. The family wanted updated photos and they took advantage of the Easter promotion I had going on. They came into the studio on a Friday night to get some photos with our Easter Set. The little boy was super calm, easy to photograph, and super cute! He smiled good and even helped get his sister to sit for some photos. He showed how great he is as a helper and big brother. The little girl was not so easy. She just wanted to play and run around. She did not want to smile or participate in the session. We were able to get some great photos of her by the end of the session. She just needed a little chocolate to get energized, happy, and excited! Sometimes patience works out for the best photographic outcomes. Many clients have said that I'm super laid back and patient with their children. Here are some photos from this great shoot!!

Easter: Battista

Battista Easter

I met these wonderful kids last week for Easter photos. They were loud, energetic, and silly, but who isn't at that age? I knew ahead of time that the little boy was autistic. I had an idea it was going to be difficult to get participation out of him. He came in, took a bite of my fake carrot, took a couple laps around the studio, climbed on the couch and found a lot of distractions. I took photos of the little girl first, who was definitely not camera shy. She did a fabulous job and the photos came out great! The little boy was calm, watching a video on his mom's phone. We tried getting him to sit for some photos, he was not having it. I thought, well maybe if we turned what he was watching on his moms phone on the screen he would sit still. It worked for the most part. The only problem was that he was not looking at the camera, he was tuned in on the screen watching Paw Patrol. It was okay though... He was still, he was calm, and I was still able to grab a couple shots of him smiling. Check them out...


What to Wear - Easter Mini Session

Easter Mini Sessions are upon us and you may be wondering what to dress your children in. Well, we can offer you some tips so that your photos turn out fantastic. There will be samples in this post you can reference and a list of what to and not to wear.

Easter is the time to break out those cute pastel colors you've been dying to put on your kids, all winter long. If you have not gone shopping yet, you better go soon before all the good outfits are gone! Macy's, Burlington, Kohl's, and more have super cute outfits for your little boy or girl.

Dresses & Suits of course, are PERFECT! The backdrop that we decided on for our Easter mini sessions this year has a vintage look to it. There are many dresses and suits out there that can work well with this backdrop. I encourage you to avoid the "everyday" look and to go for a dressed up, pampered look.

What to Wear

- Light / Pastel Outfit
- Bows & Other Cute Hair Accessories
- Dress Shoes

What NOT to Wear

- Bright Saturated Colored Outfit
- Sneakers or Winter Boots
- Random Printed Shirts (No Barbie, Bratz, Minecraft  etc.)
- "Shiny" Clothes (Nothing that will reflect light too much)
- Baseball caps/Beanies



This dress is was found on Amazon and its adorable, simple, and perfect for Easter. You do not HAVE to go with the typical pink for girls and blue for boys. Change it up and go for a unique look.

This is adorable! The colors are fantastic! You can find this one at Macy's.

Boys can have simple button ups and dress pants. This is found at Carters.

You can also go the cute vintage route with this! This is on Amazon.